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I am Not Disqualified

Updated: May 3

John 21

In John 21 verse 17, Jesus asked him a third time, ‘Simon, son of John, do you love me?’ Peter was sad because Jesus asked him a 3rd time, ‘Do you love me?’ So he said to Jesus, ‘Lord, you know everything. You know that I really love you!’ Jesus said to him, ‘Take care of my sheep.”

Every third Saturday of the month, a group of women gather together on Zoom to read our chapter for the day. I love this meetup. We include some light guided stretching, and we meditate on the Word. I really try never to miss it.

I have found there to be so much power in not only receiving a word from God but also hearing how He’s moving in the hearts of those meditating on the word alongside me. It’s incredible.

I woke up early after having a house full of kids last night, yes tired, but very excited to be in the word.

I thought it was interesting how Peter went back to doing what was comfortable after the death of Jesus. He went back to being a fisherman: “Simon Peter said to the other disciples, ‘I will now go and catch fish.’ They replied, ‘We will come with you.’ So they went out and they got into the boat. But they caught nothing during that night.”

It continues a few verses down, “Then Jesus asked them, ‘Friends, have you caught any fish?’ They answered, ‘No!’” John‬ ‭21‬:‭3‬, ‭5‬ ‭EASY‬‬.

That alone was a word for me in this season of transition.

It might be easy to go back and do what’s convenient and comfortable or stay right where I am, but it isn’t necessarily what will produce the most fruit in my life. Peter fished all night and his nets were empty. There was no fruit in it. I don’t want to be like Peter and simply do what I have always done; I want to truly live.

When I meditated on the Word during our movement and meditation time, the Lord took me in a totally different direction, well kind of....

I was drawn to the number 3 and how the Lord kept asking Peter, “Do you love me?” and 3 times Peter declared out loud, “Yes Lord, I love you, of course, I love you, you know I love you.” What was the purpose in this?

Practically speaking, I see how the Lord was restoring Peter after he denied Christ 3 times prior to His crucifixion. I found that to be so meaningful. God is so intentional with Peter to restore and reinstate him among and in front of the other disciples.

The Lord is not looking back; He’s moving forward.

Today, I was moved by the authority and deeper commitment Peter was making each time he said, “Yes Lord, you know I love you,” and when someone truly loves someone, he will follow him anywhere, do anything, denying himself.

So, as I hear the Lord calling me from my comfort zone, calling me to a life where I am daily picking up my cross and following Him, I will continue to say, “Yes Lord, you know I love you. I will feed your sheep, I will care for your sheep, I love you.” (as a matter of fact, I have said it out loud multiple times this morning building up my own own confidence.)

I love the part where Peter was aggravated with the Lord asking him, “Do you love me” the 3rd time he was asked, Peter was grieved and sad. I felt almost as if he was offended a little bit.

I too can get easily offended. I recognize it as guilt, shame, or even projection.

God still used Peter. As a matter of fact not only was he NOT disqualified after denying Christ, he became the very thing the Lord used to build the early church. What a blessing to know if God still used Peter, he can definitely use me too. Peter’s past shortcomings do not change the fact that the Father will use him to spread the gospel. Neither will my past failings disqualify me from what the Lord wants to do in my life.

I am so thankful for the Word speaking to my current situation today.

And guess what? C is here with us this weekend, which those of you who have been following my blog know this is truly me walking in faith and trusting God with her, my children, and myself.

Lord I love you and I trust you. Say it out loud with me today. Do it 3x.

***Also, don't forget to add Movement and Meditation to your calendar every third Saturday of the month. You can be my personal guest :)***

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