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Success leaves clues...

Updated: May 3

Acts 7

In business I always coached my team to be real on social. I have always believed we cannot just show a highlight reel of what we do. We have to show the messiness and hard work required to make the business thrive in order to truly attract the work ethic required to build a successful business. It's not wise to just showcase the wins. The struggles and challenges inherent in building a successful business Is an Important part of the process too. As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy. WELLLLLLLLL the same is certainly true in following Christ.

Today I read Acts 7:59-60

As Stephen was being stoned to death, He knelt down and shouted, 'Lord, don't blame them for what they have done.' Then he died.

The weight of Stephen's calling and his remarkable response to such cruelty is humbling and thought-provoking.

Stephen's ability to extend forgiveness and grace, even in the face of unimaginable violence, serves as a reminder of how much more growth in my own life is still needed. It challenges me to consider how I respond to adversity. The pursuit of spiritual, personal and professional growth is an ongoing journey. The more I learn, the more I realize how much there is still to learn.

As I continued to read through Acts 7, it was like a walk down memory lane that was both comforting and reassuring. The stories of Joseph, Abraham, and the Israelites escaping Egypt reminded me of God’s unwavering provision every step of the way. I'm inspired by their faith and trust in God in the middle of uncertainty and hardships of life. What a model for me of how I should be navigating the next steps in my own journey.

I have always believed success leaves clues. I can see myself in all 4 stories (Stephen, Joeseph, Abraham and the Israelites journey In the wilderness). They serve as an example to me of how to rely on God in all seasons, and it gives me great hope to hang in there.

I know one day I’ll look back and see God's hand in every bit of my story, but today I struggle to not get stuck in the messiness of life - eight years of singleness, career transition, putting my dream home up for sale, and financial strains KNOWING It had to happen that way.

In the midst of the messiness, I know God's hand is at work, guiding and directing me.

As I navigate through the complexities of life, I am reminded to surrender my plans to God, trusting that He will lead me in the right direction. When I don’t see how it will work, I find peace in knowing that God is behind the scenes, working all things together for my good.

I can draw inspiration from Stephen's example of resilience and faith, Joseph's stength at every turn, God's faithfulness to Abraham and daily provision for the Israelites In the wilderness. Their stories are both serve as encouragement for me to press forward, trusting in the path that lies ahead.

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