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God is On the Move

Acts 11

Thank goodness for the pause and thank goodness this case manager is so patient with us.  We want to be in C’s life.  But we need to take the next steps slowly.  My current reality is I have 2 graduating, my home is for sale, I started a new profession, I have 4 kids going to new schools in the fall… it’s a lot. 

I do know that if God is in it, He will provide.  As I read Acts 11 today and watch the news of the gospel spreading outside of ONLY Jewish people I am reassured that God is on the move.  I can trust him and let him do his thing.  We are going to proceed with caution and trust God to guide each step.

I pray the Acts 1 prayer again, “Lord you know our hearts, show us your plan.”  Now I sit trusting

that His plan is unfolding.  

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