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A Portal for God's Power

Im not sure if Im reading the Bible or if the Bible is reading me these days. It doesn't matter either way, Im just so grateful for daily revelation that applies to the current season Im walking in. Before you read today take a minute to ask the Lord to give instruction, revelation, edification and conviction. Now go ahead and read 2 Corinthians chapter 11. What word or phrased jumped out to you today?

My favorite verse today was verse 30 in the Easy translation. “If I must be proud about myself, I will only be proud of things that show my weakness.”

I have so many thoughts about this today; oh my goodness. Here is my Kami translation: "If I’m gonna boast about anything I’m going to boast about my weaknesses and the tough circumstances that I have walked through and will walk through." It's in those very seasons I experienced the Lords presence more than any other times. I don't know I would wish for them to happen again, but I can say I see so much purpose and growth from it. Ultimately it's in the hardest times I walk closest with the Lord wondering if I"ll survive it.

Yesterday turned out to be a very, very hard day. What was interesting in the midst of something that was very painful and felt so unnecessary and basically out of control I was able to I pray, declaring, "Lord, I know you are good. Lord, I know you are good to me. Lord, I know You are a good at being God and I will trust that you are working all things for my good. When I say all things I’m talking about my weaknesses, my poor decisions, the people hurting me, whether they mean to, I am thankful for the hardship. I “get to” endure the hard things even if I may yet know how it will turn out. I see them as opportunities for the Lord to shine.

It's mind-blowing to me that the Lord continues to choose me to be His hands and feet in so many ways. I love that I get to steward the message of Christ. Regardless how unqualified or qualified I may feel, He chooses me. It's in my very weakness that I become a portal for God's power.

Today I pray, "not my will, but thy will be done."

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