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The Cost of Following Christ

John 20

As I delved into the Word this morning, nothing immediately caught my attention. Yet, I persisted, digging deeper and seeking guidance. "Lord, speak to me today," I prayed.

C reached out again last night, wanting to visit this weekend instead of waiting until Monday. Lord, what should I do? I recognize this decision rests in Your hands, but am I being called to act? My thoughts drift back to a recent scripture:

Jesus instructed Peter, 'Put away your sword! Am I not to drink the cup the Father has given me?' (John 18:11 TPT).

My hesitation in accepting C’s request to come be with us purely stems from fear of judgment and disruption to my comfort. Why do I resist what may be Your plan for my growth? I've never felt such a strong calling while simultaneously battling against it. I question, "Lord, are You certain?" and plead for further signs, yet it's time to embrace obedience.

Grant me the strength, Lord. Today, as I meditate on chapter 20, I hear Jesus affirming, "As the Father sent me, so I am sending you." Wow.

Let us not shrink from the discomfort of the cross; it's where true life is found. I refuse to let it become a burden, knowing that God's purpose is abundant life. If only I surrender, I'll truly experience it.

Again Jesus said, 'Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you' (John 20:21 TPT).

The Lord exemplified carrying the cross and following Christ, and now He commissions me. What a responsibility.

Today, we're asked the same: to embrace His call and follow faithfully.

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