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Daily Discipline

John 14

Today was a busy one for me. I’ve had my mind going in a lot of directions.  Yesterday we had a bit of an emergency that shook us… ultimately, even in the midst of so many things happening all around me I’m thankful for the peace and confidence that comes with time spent with the father.  

Even when my flesh wants to worry or be unsettled, time in the Word has just given me so much peace.

“Do not let your heart be troubled (afraid, cowardly). Believe [confidently] in God and trust in Him, [have faith, hold on to it, rely on it, keep going and] believe also in Me.”

John 14:1 AMP 

I wish I was better at going to the gym because I know with continued training I would have a lot more endurance and strength physically. In the same way, the daily discipline of getting into the Word has strengthened my faith, my confidence in God, and my ability to not fear in the midst of trials.

I could look around and see all uncertainty of the transition I’m walking through and some of the hard things the family has been facing, and easily fall into fear, worry, and despair.

Yet instead, I have so much confidence and I truly believe in the goodness of God and it’s because of this daily habit of getting in the Word and meditating on His truth. Even when I feel a bit shook or unsettled, I know where to find my peace and very quickly I’m reminded that He is capable and I don’t have to be afraid.

Of course this didn't happen overnight. I needed to choose to be disciplined daily to feed my soul with His manna, His Word.

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